What Are Hybrid CPAP Masks?

What Are Hybrid CPAP Masks?

Hybrid masks combine the best features of nasal pillows masks and oral masks for maximum convenience and comfort. Patients with sleep apnea can use the CPAP therapy provided by this dual interface device. The design eliminates a common source of discomfort, reducing tension in the forehead and easing strain on the bridge of the nose. 

While the hybrid mask still delivers compressed air to the patient’s nose and mouth, unlike a full-face cpap mask, there are less pressure points for the patient to experience discomfort from. If you normally breathe through your nose while sleeping but occasionally get congestion and need to breathe through your mouth, this mask is for you. 

In order to cure sleep apnea, a CPAP machine is utilised in conjunction with a hybrid mask. Snoring, high blood pressure, memory loss, diabetes, depression, and other conditions can all be avoided with the use of CPAP therapy, which opens the airways while the patient sleeps. Some of the ailments that might develop from untreated sleep apnea are shown in the figure below.

Hybrid CPAP Mask Designs

All hybrid masks seem fairly similar to one another. It’s possible that most hybrid masks just have slight variations from one another. They can range in size, with some having a lower profile that comes into direct touch with the user’s face. Moreover, a nasal cushion interface is used. 

The user’s face may feel slightly bigger and boxier with the profile of certain other CPAP hybrid masks. As a Hybrid to the traditional nasal cushion, nasal pillows interfaces are now available. However, most hybrid CPAP machines provide pressured air through the nasal and oral passages to treat sleep apnea simultaneously.

Comparison of Hybrid and Traditional CPAP Masks

There are now just a few numbers of hybrid masks available. Because of its ability to provide both nasal and oral medication, some manufacturers refer to their hybrid mask as a full-face mask. The front of each mask is equipped with a swivel hose connection. 

Each mask has a tube that delivers pressurised air to the wearer’s nose and mouth at the same time. Throughout the night, patients can switch between nasal and oral breathing as they see fit.

CPAP Mask Components That Use Hybrid Technology

Each of the four hybrid mask designs relies heavily on four distinct elements. The mask itself consists of a frame, a swivel connector, a cushion or nasal cushions, and a headband. The mask frame is where the mask interface is attached. The mask frame and cushion are held firmly against the patient’s face by the headpiece, creating a tight seal. The front of the mask is where the swivel connection is attached to the frame. Together, the CPAP machine, air supply tube, and mask assembly form the patient-facing end of the pressurised air delivery system.

Benefits of Using a Hybrid Mask

The mask is small in profile, so it’s comfortable for both back and side sleepers, and it doesn’t press on the nose bridge or the forehead as you sleep.

Methods for Choosing the Most Appropriate Hybrid CPAP Mask

If you sleep with a combination of mouth and nose breathing, a hybrid CPAP mask is the best choice for you. Patients who suffer from occasional congestion or other nasal blockage might use this mask design. 

It’s helpful for those who breathe through their mouths at times as they sleep. The smaller frame size makes the video more discreet. It stays off the bridge of your nose and forehead, two particularly delicate spots. 

There are several cases where the hybrid mask is the most effective full-face mask for the patient. The AirFit 30 Mask is a good option for those who would rather not use nasal cushions but would want a normal nasal interface. 

For extra guidance in selecting the most suitable CPAP mask, have a look at the varieties of CPAP masks selection guide on Air Liquide Healthcare.

These hybrid CPAP masks examples include:

  • AirMini Mask Pack F30 For AirMini Machine, ResMed
  • Mirage Liberty Full Face CPAP Mask, ResMed
  • AirFit F30i Full Face Hybrid CPAP Mask, 
  • Amara View Full Face CPAP Mask, Philips Respironics
  • AirFit F30 Full Face CPAP Mask, ResMed
  • Evora Full Face CPAP Mask, Fisher & Paykel
  • DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask, Philips

Frequently Asked Questions on Hybrid CPAP Masks

When is a Hybrid Mask?

The mask is a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device used to treat sleep apnea by directing air via the nasal passages and mouth.

Should I be using a Hybrid CPAP Mask?

Candidates for a hybrid mask include those who require a full-face mask owing to congestion, those who regularly breathe through their mouths when sleeping, and have a low threshold for pressure on their foreheads or bridges of their noses.

What is the Function of a CPAP Hybrid Mask?

The hybrid CPAP mask, like other CPAP masks, requires a hose and a CPAP machine to function. Pressurized air is delivered through the mask and into the mouth and nose at the same time. During the night, the patient can take breaths either through their nose or mouth.

How Do I Find the Most Relaxing CPAP Mask?

The lowest-profile masks tend to be the most popular choice among CPAP users. At this time, the ResMed AirFit F30 is the hybrid mask with the shortest profile.

Which Full Face CPAP Mask Is the Most Effective?

The Dreamwear Full Face Mask is the most sought-after and widely distributed hybrid mask on the market. This mask has a reduced surface area of contact with the patient’s face, magnetic clips to keep the headgear in place, and airflow through a soft silicone in-frame that connects to an air hose at the patient’s crown. The ResMed Mirage Liberty is the second most-searched hybrid mask behind the original Mirage.