The Best CPAP Chin Straps and Who Needs It.

The Best CPAP Chin Straps and Who Needs It.

It’s possible that mouth breathing is to blame if you’ve been using your CPAP machine normally but have noticed some unexpected symptoms that are making your life more difficult, despite the fact that you’ve been using it.

A continuous flow of pressured air, delivered by CPAP therapy, keeps your airways physically open while you sleep, so preventing sleep apnea from occurring. Therefore, if that airflow is leaving through your open mouth, you probably aren’t getting the full benefit of your therapy for apnea.

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It’s possible that all that’s needed is a straightforward and affordable strap.

Continue reading to find out how to determine if a CPAP chin strap is appropriate for you, and then look at some of the most effective CPAP chin straps now available.

CPAP and Breathing Through the Mouth

The minimum contact design of nasal pillows and nasal masks, which makes users feel less claustrophobic, have made them extremely popular, however mouth breathers should not use them since they do not work as well. The term “mouth leak” refers to what happens when a person sleeps with their mouth open while wearing a nasal or nasal cushion mask.

When you have a mouth leak, the airway pressure in your airway leaks out of your mouth while you have your mouth open, causing your CPAP therapy to be less effective.

In addition to the recurrence of your sleep apnea symptoms, such as daily drowsiness and brain fog, mouth breathing while sleeping can also lead to dry mouth, sore throat, poor breath, and even the risk of tooth decay. Sleep apnea symptoms include daytime sleepiness and brain fog.

It is possible to alleviate the majority of these symptoms by switching to a full face CPAP mask; however, some people do not find full face masks to be pleasant. 

If you find out that you breathe via your mouth but would rather use a nasal or nasal pillow mask, you are not doomed to a life of misery! The chin strap for the CPAP has arrived!

End Mouth Breathing with CPAP Chin Strap

Keeping your lips closed and focusing your breathing via your nose may be made easier with the use of a CPAP chin strap, which is a piece of headgear that is both easy and breathable.

The strap is normally worn below the CPAP headgear, and it encircles your head in a comfortable manner while passing under your chin and above your crown. The majority of chin straps are constructed of cotton, which allows air to pass through, or an elastic material such as neoprene, and they often include a velcro attachment that can be adjusted.

There is a difference between a standard anti-snoring chin strap and a CPAP chin strap, and the CPAP chin strap is only intended to be worn in conjunction with the CPAP machine. 

It’s possible that you won’t get a good night’s sleep if you use a CPAP chin strap without also using your CPAP machine. In a similar vein, these straps were never intended to be utilised in conjunction with a full-face mask, as doing so may hinder a good seal and ultimately result in mask leakage.

Studies have indicated that individuals who utilised a CPAP chin strap correctly reduced the amount of apneas they had while also increasing the frequency with which they used their CPAP machine.

The Very Best Chin Straps for CPAP Machines

Sunset Healthcare’s Top-of-the-Line Chin Strap

The Premium Chin Strap has a vertical design that helps maintain it firmly in place without causing any alignment concerns, which has helped it get the top customer evaluations. Compare with a product that has the same design as the Philips Respironics Premium Chin Strap, but costs a lot less!

Because it has Velcro adjustment hooks on the rear strap as well as on the crown of the head, it can easily and comfortably suit a broad variety of different facial shapes!

Chin Strap from Philips Respironics Deluxe Model

Do not allow the extra-large strap put you off from purchasing this item! This chin strap may appear to be bulky and heavy, but the fact that it is made of a material that is both pliable and breathable makes it surprisingly lightweight, and the wide form ensures that the support it provides is well distributed for a comfortable fit.

The use of a second layer of fabric and a velcro fastener ensures that there is exactly the proper amount of strain without being excessively strenuous.

AG Industries’ Adjustable Chin Strap is Available.

Because of its angular design, this strap makes less of a direct touch with your face while yet providing adequate support. This chin strap is a fantastic alternative for active sleepers who are able to slip out of other models of chin straps due to the fact that it features anchor points at both the top and rear of your head.

Chin Strap with the Sunset Healthcare Headgear Brand

Sunset Healthcare provides a chin strap that can be attached directly to your CPAP headgear, making it ideal for patients who want to wear as little of their CPAP equipment as possible.

The flexible fabric chin cup conforms to the shape of your face, and the velcro straps adhere firmly to your mask, yet the top of your head is unrestricted and unobstructed.


If you find that your CPAP treatment is not working because you are mouth breathing, a CPAP chin strap may be an easy, effective, and affordable solution for you.