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TXCCR Biorepository C Patrick Reynolds, MD PhD

TXCCR Biorepository

C Patrick Reynolds, MD PhD

The TXCCR biorepository has a dedicated cell culture laboratory at TTUHSC is set up with a separate cell line initiation and cell line expansion/banking laboratories. These labs are positive pressure to the central personnel housing and bench laboratory, and the latter positive pressure to hallways. The labs are each equipped with 4 incubators (O2 control capable), 3 biosafety cabinets, centrifuges, microscopes, and digital photomicroscopy.

A molecular core lab supports the biorepository and houses an ABI sequencer optimized for short tandem repeat assays and a TaqMan quantitative RT-PCR system equipped for Taqman low density arrays (TLDA). For characterizing lines or if sorting is necessary, an adjacent core lab has a BD LSR-II flow cytometer and a FACSaria cell sorter.

Cryopreservation facilities for the biorepository are robust. Storage is in MVE 1800 Series 190F LN2 vapor freezers which are fed from an external dedicated 7000 gallon LN2 source via vacuum-jacketed lines. Each MVE 190F freezer can hold 70,800 cryovials, and with 3 freezers, the biorepository (which also serves as the Children's Oncology Group (COG) cell line and xenograft repository) has a capacity of 212,400 cryovials. Space in the biorepository and in place LN2 feed connections allows for expansion to a total capacity of 424,800 cryovials. The lab also has 3 -80° freezers for tissue and fetal bovine serum storage. All freezers are constantly remote monitored with web access and email notification of alarms.