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Models by Disease

To date the TXCCR has established 114 new cancer cell lines and 97 patient derived tumor xenografts (PDXs). These cell lines and PDXs are currently in various stages of characterization. Once characterization is complete, the lines will be listed here and made openly available.

For investigators needing lines prior to complete characterization, distribution via a more restricted mechanism is available. Investigators interested in obtaining cell lines and/or PDXs prior to open distribution can do so via procedures listed here.

Table of TXCCR Cell Lines and PDXs by Disease

30 of the PDXs have matching tumor cell lines.

All cancer lines were EBV-negative. To facilitate genomic studies comparing cancer to germline, EBV-transformed lymphoblastoid lines have been generated from blood samples matching 13 of the 114 cell lines and 9 of the 97 PDXs.

All cell lines and xenografts were validated to original patient tissue or blood by short-tandem-repeat (STR) assay, were mycoplasma free, and xenografts were free of 19 human viral pathogens by PCR. Each of the models listed within the table were found to be continuously proliferating cell line and/or PDXs and any not meeting the above criteria are not listed here. Please visit our contact us page for any further questions and information.