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Texas Cancer Cell Repository

Welcome to the TXCCR website!

The TXCCR is a biorepository that establishes and banks for distribution robust laboratory models of cancer for biological and preclinical activity testing of new anti-cancer drugs. The TXCCR is a companion biorespository to the Childhood Cancer Repository, powered by Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation ( and both biorepositories are located at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. TXCCR focuses on adult cancers while COGcell focuses on pediatric cancers. Both repositories develop and bank cell lines (tumor samples placed directly into cell culture) for in vitro studies and patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) for lso in vivo studies.

TXCCR was funded initially by a Cancer Prevention & Research Institute (CPRIT) Multi-investigator grant. During the initial grant cycle the TXCCR was established, collection centers for clinical samples brought on line, SOPs developed, and many cell lines and PDXs established and banked. Prior to being at the point of being able to place into general distribution the cell lines and PDXs that were established, CPRIT funding ended. Pediatric cancer model distribution continues via CCcells thanks to the generous support of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Grants to continue work of the TXCCR are pending with CPRIT and if funding becomes available additional models will be established and characterized and models in the repository made readily available to all investigators.